Neuropsycoanalisy, the fraud is back

Scientists, oftentimes, are more concerned with obstructing rather than promoting progress. (Thomas Khum)

Neuropsychoanalysis was created by a group of psychoanalysts with the purpose of trying to prove that modern neuroscience proves psychoanalysis when the opposite is true.  Every experiment used by psychoanalysts strongly denies any validity of Freud’s theory, since all of them place all mental activity on brain rather than sex.

Freud   was unfamiliar with the concept of neural energy. There is why in his theories libido was the real source of mental energy.

Nuropsichoanalysits contradict Freud instead of proving its theories. Unlike Neuropsychoanalysts, Freud said that there was no neurosis without sexual disturb, or that pathological phenomena were manifestations of the sexual activity of the patient. In fact, Freud believed in sexually originated mental activity.

Saying that Freud was and still is a respected neuroscience is a serious misstatement that underestimates the average student knowledge about Freud’s theory. Freud created a sex-oriented psychology that ignored brain as source of mental activity, he denied any kind of link between memory and brain and, even worst, he said that neural system ultimate function was to protect from environment stimuli.

Neuropsychoanalysts  have to be reminded that Freud himself tried, unsuccessfully, to destroy the neurological basis for his theory, the project. (Ricoeur).

We didn1t have to resort to Holts testimony to rebuff Neuropsicoanalisys, because it is widely known that   that neuroscience and psychoanalysis are mutually incompatible. Every experiment used by neoripsicoanalists contradicts Psychoanalysis.  Neuropsicoanalists are just the same historic error of   Philadelfia Medical Association when it said that ‘the fact that Jeniffer was able to prevent those evil   bubbles only proved  that he had a pact with the devil. Therefore, the Pox Virus discovery was evidence  that  those bubbles are caused by the devil.

The  real motive behind this foolish attempt to keep psychoanalysis alive is a marketing scheme,  a matter of preserving the privilege, denied to any other professional, of   blaming the consumer for the mistakes of the professional.    As Mira Y Lopes says, It is much easier to blame patient inconscient for any problem in the process. Neuropshicoanalists, are   avoiding   legal suites which could cost them thousands or millions of dollars if patients discovered that they are also consumers and have a right to get something for the money they have paid.

It is of vital important to prevent minor professional interests to take advantage of the paradigmatic-paralysis  to infect recent advances in neuroscience. The time now has come  for  a necessary step forward in human sciences. There is a need for a new paradigm in human sciences looking in a innovative way to the relation mind-brain.  This new paradigm is Noergology that will no longer permit scientists to make wrong questions and getting incorrect answers.  It is important to go a step further and understand that though is creator.

Follows a grid explaining the differences between what Freud said and what is confirmed by today’s neuroscience.



Sensorial organs are shields against stimuli

Sensorial organs are stimuli transducers

Repression, which is not present during analysis, causes amnesia

Amnesia occurring during  hypnosis contradicts Freud theory.

The aim of nervous system is to keep stimuli at very low levels

Neuron  not only transmits every sign that reaches it but also, in some cases,  amplifies the signs.

Too much stimuli causes discomfort

The more the pleasure centers are stimulated the happier person is.

He denied every link between memory and brain

Every memory is located in the brain.

viaInstituto de Noergologia – Pensamento não é inconciente, é criador.

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